FIRST AND FOREMOST, I love working with wood and making things. It's been a long dormant passion in my life which I am now indulging to the best of my ability.

         The trouble is that I also need to sell the things that I make – in order to fund future projects and also because I am running out of storage space.

         This is why I keep my prices as low as possible – the cost of the wood and a modest addition for the time and work I have put in. The result is that I am selling things at prices way below what you would pay at John Lewis or Heals or Habitat. Take the magnetic knife blocks for example – they are on sale at high end shops for £300 to £400.  My price is £85 (the magnets alone cost me around £45 per knife block). Have a look for a large, solid oak garden table at somewhere like John Lewis and you will find a price tag around £3,500 to £4,000. Mine sold for £1,500

         Clearly, I am not in this for the money!

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