A sumptuously comfortable 

campaign chair with a quality

hide seat.

A HANDY clothes hanging unit – can be made to any dimension: higher or wider.

Made out of solid oak.

From around £90 to £145.

A TWO-SIDED easel and blackboard unit made for my twin grandchildren.

The children can either draw and write onto the blackboard, or draw, write and paint on paper from a roll that threads through holding strips.

These were made out of solid oak, but could be any timber.

Single side: £95

Double sided: £150


This is a super stable desk that leans against the wall.

The desk is 24 inches from the floor, and is 22 inches wide. Ideal for a laptop.

The desk also has some nifty compartments for things like pens and pencils, paper clips etc

I HAVE a range of intriguing smart-phone amplifiers – no moving parts, no batteries, just a naturally enhanced sound. From £35 to £59. You won't believe the sound coming from your phone!

Around £30 each depending on siz

I made some planters as an experiment, put in some succulents and, Lots of love and behold, a few months later they looked really good.

They wouldn't survive more than three or four years if you left them outside. Inside, they would last longer.

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